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Portrait Miniatures of Richard & Agnes Hey of Minster Yard York c1836

Established by Cynthia McKinley in 2000, Wigs On The Green specialises in fine portrait miniatures, silhouettes, and small portraits, predominantly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Portraits are selected for their historical interest and character. They are not only by listed artists but also those who painted and drew for their own entertainment and pleasure – true to life portraits, with real character and, often, a pretty face!

This year,  Wigs on the Green will be exhibiting amongst a host of other things, a lovely pair of Portrait Miniatures of Richard and Agnes Hey. Richard Hey (1804-1860) was one of the original 300 fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons and was surgeon to the York County Hospital and Institute to the Blind. Richard Hey also lectured on surgery at the York School of Medicine and was surgeon to the Female Penitentiary. He and his wife Agnes both lived at Minster Yard York.

The portrait of Agnes was painted in 1836 by Noel Norton Carter, a York based artist who had retired from serving in the 101st Regiment of Foot. The portrait of Richard is by a different unknown hand.

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